How to bet on 22bet Kenya?

Learn, how to bet with our instructions

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How to bet on 22bet Kenya step by step?

As said before 22bet is one of the best bookmakers in Kenya It is also very popular in other countries such as Ghana, Zambia, Nigeria, Brazil, Argentina, India and many others.It is because 22bet offers a very wide range of.Different types of sports betting, that’s why 22bet is chosen by many betting and sports lovers.

How to bet on 22bet Kenya step by step?
We have written a short article with some tips.

How to calculate odds and what to look for when choosing a sports bet
Before you start betting with 22bet you need to take three main steps:
Log in to your 22bet account
If you don’t have a 22bet account, follow our guide.
“How to register in 22bet”
– Second rule – you need to pass KYC verification (send scans of your documents and any other information requested by the bookmaker)
– To put money into the account. This is called “Make a deposit”.
-You can read about which payment systems the 22bet bookmaker uses and How to make a deposit?”
-Claim your welcome bonus
– We select a match in the line or several events in the line if we want to complete the express.
For example:
Go to the “Line” section – a list of odds for the outcomes of various events.
Example: match Manchester United – Sheffield United, quotes 1.56 (Manchester United) – 4.10 (draw) – 8.63 (Sheffield United). Select the desired outcome and enter the bet amount.
-Decide on the outcomes and click on the odds around them. Events are moved to the coupon.
– In the bet slip, select the type of bet (single, express, system).
-Place a bet
-Wait for results
If your bet wins, you can withdraw money in the same way as you did the deposit

Betting types

A single bet – Single – a bet on a single outcome of an event. The win on a single bet is equal to the product of the bet amount and the coefficient set for this outcome.
If you have selected several sports events at once and added them to your coupon, by default they are listed as Ordinary. That is, you will make several separate bets. In such bets, the simplest rules are: the bet has passed – you win, and not passed – you lose. There is also a refund option.
HandicapIn the bet initially laid advantage of one of the participants.
Example: take the same match Manchester United vs Sheffield United. The team’s handicap (-1.5) means that Manchester United should win with a difference of at least two goals. A handicap (0) allows the club not to lose (in the case of a draw – a return of the bet amount).
Total-It can be general or individual. Total more than 2,5 means that the teams must score three goals between them, total less than 2,5 means a maximum of two goals for both teams.
Live betting. Predictions right in the course of the broadcast. Watch the match and make bets.
Express. You take a few matches, put the chosen outcomes, as a result the odds are multiplied. The possibility of big winnings is a major plus. If you lose even one event, the Parlay gets “burned”, which is the main disadvantage.

Betting on popular sports

Betting on popular sports

Most bets will be made on football: approximately 38% of the total. For other sports, the distribution is as follows:
Football – 38%
Tennis – 25%
Cricket – 14%
Hockey – 10%.
Basketball – 8%
Volleyball – 5%
They mainly bet on popular sports: on major international tournaments and the world’s leading club leagues. On such events, bookmakers offer a large selection of bets and allow you to bet large amounts.

What makes your bet successful and will lead you to win?

The most basic rule you need to know in order to succeed in sports betting is to know which sport to bet on. Since there is no perfect or best option you should first of all choose a sport that you are very well versed in.
It has to be a sport that you like very much and follow the last news of this sport, the better you know your team or sport the better your bet will play
We will give you a list of the most popular sports in Kenya
American Football,
Table Tennis,
Cyber sports,
Formula 1,
Greyhound racing,

How do I delete my bet?

If you have the question, “Can I delete my bet?” – The answer- is of course
Everything you need to click on the betting sheet on the right and delete it from there.
When you make a selection, it appears in the blue box, where the name of the teams/players and the market is written on the left and the odds are written on the right, and above the odds you can see an “X” symbol, which you have to click on to remove the selection.

How do I calculate my winnings and odds?

As soon as you enter the amount you want to bet, the bookmaker will calculate your potential winnings, but you can even calculate your winnings yourself, there is nothing complicated about it, you need a simple formula

For example, if you want to bet four events, the odds of which are:
You need to multiply all your bets to get the total odds
Take your odds and just multiply.
3.10*1.50*2.67*1.67 = 20.73.
Now, let’s calculate your potential winnings.
Let’s say you want to bet 100 KES
Total odds * Betting = Potential winnings
20.73 (Total odds) * 100 (Bet) = 2073 KES (Potential winnings)).

And a few more tips on how to bet?

If you are really determined to win you need to do a good research on both teams/players, e.g. you are interested in soccer
read the latest news about trending events, matches, transfers, scandals and other events related to soccer teams, whether key players are missing, etc. follow 22Bet’s predictions and social networks to get all the most important news as soon as they are available. Follow league tables, standings and matches read sports news, especially dedicated to soccer, every major league, be it EPL or Serie A, has its own table with all the latest stats, matches, top players and more.
The most popular leagues to bet on:
Champions League
Europa League
English Premier League
La Liga Serie A
Bundesliga Liga 1
Only this information will give you an idea of how much to bet on this or that team
Always bet only on sports/events that you are well aware of – this is your way to success.
When you have already decided on the amount you can bet, just enter your amount and click on the “Place Bet” button at the bottom of the betting sheet.

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