How to A Re-bet a lost game on 22bet?

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What does RE-BED mean

A Re-bet replaces the losing game in your betting slips to save your ticket. For example, you bet on six games and your early bet in your betting slip didn’t work out. But you believe in the remaining games and want a quick re-bet.
Then you need the re-betting feature which allows you to bet on the remaining games on your ticket without having to start the selection again.

How to Re-bet on 22BET?

Currently 22bet, does not provide a re-betting function

But offers an alternative function – coupon sales, which is very easy and quick to activate. This function scans all or part of your bet before the coupon is calculated.
You can find this function in the “My Account” section of 22Bet under the “Betting History” tab, then select how you want to sell a slip, which can be a full or partial slip sale. And click on the sell button

How to use 22bet coupon sales?

The coupon sale feature on this site is very effective and is activated in just a few seconds. This 22bet feature is specifically designed to give players more control over their active bets.
There are three options for selling coupons
The first is a partial redemption of the bet.
The second is full settlement of the bet.
The third is automatic sale of bets.
With the “- Automatic Coupon Sales” option, players can specify how much they are willing to sell their coupon for, and if that amount is reached, 22Bet will automatically calculate your bet for that amount.
This feature is pretty easy to use and intuitive even for beginners – all you have to do:
Log in to your 22Bet account.
Go to “My Account”.
Select “Betting History”.
Click on the “Sell” button.
Select “Partial” or “Full”.
Make your selection and calculate your bid.
But remember, once you make your selection and agree to the terms, it cannot be undone.
So even before you start selling your coupon, decide whether you want a partial or full sale, compare both offers, and make your choice based on this information
We also advise you to go to your 22bet panel and read all the terms and conditions
Or you can find them on our website under